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I'm 2x Emmy Award Winning Makeup Artist, Eva Jane and I'm using my 28 years of expertise to help people who don't have a lot of time to spend in the makeup mirror but still want a flawless beat! I have learned from my decades working in the fast-paced TV industry the art of "Making Beauty Easier™... and quicker!" On this site you can depend on finding user friendly beauty products that I have carefully created to help you do the same!

Why Shop with Eva Jane® Beauty?

If you are anything like me, you are handling multiple responsibilities that can make life hectic and rushed at times. With work, family, friends, events and social obligations to juggle, looking good when you show up can take more time than you have to be still! If I'm being truthful, lots of my makeup and touch ups happen during my commute from one event to another with little time and in surroundings that are less than perfect! But, we make it happen don't we! Making sure we get one in for The Gram or don't look cray when someone tags us on social is part of the goal right? Eva Jane Beauty's mission; MY mission is to bring products to you that I rely on to make my own beauty life flow smoother. I promise to bring you beauty tools and items that can save you time, energy and maybe even save the planet! You think I'm exaggerating? Well, check out my product I invented called "The Makeup Bullet™" which is the first cosmetic sponge designed to fit snugly on a finger and not need a drop of water to give flawless results! It doesn't get any better than looking amazing and conserving a natural resource! It's latex-free, hypoallergenic, cruelty-free and made 100% in the USA.


"I love it. I had read another review where the reviewer thought they were more of a brush but ended up loving them, so I decided I should check this out. (On) a regular day, the most I do is eyeliner and mascara, if that. But I use powder or eye shadow for my eyeliner. The results from this over my brush, it was a beautiful dark defined line and I loved it. I was sad I only had two eyes to use it on. I used the brush for a couple of other things as well. Concealer in nooks and crannies. I have a tooth shaped scar on my forehead, a classmate in first grade ran into me and her bucked tooth left a sizeable crater in my forehead. Normally with concealer or even foundation in this area the lotion clumps up in the scar. This fabulous little silicone brush helped me smooth that out. I also tried this on some cream eyeliner for smudging, fabulous.You can make perfectly straight, the same thickness throughout, lines. This is brilliant. And I want to see what else Eva Jane has been up to."

RE: EVA JANE® Silicone Detail Angle Brush


"I love "The Makeup Bullet" because it allows me to put on makeup quickly when I am in a hurry."


"Most of my makeup happens in the car! It's so convenient; I use it every day!"


"I'm a Millennial Mom and a thriving entrepreneur who desires to stay pretty while working on the go in the hot sun... I stay pretty with my Makeup Bullet"


"The perfect little blender to get in all those little spots like under your eyes the corners of your eyes around your nose and blends very well."

Re: The Makeup Bullet®


"Genius!... I wish I had this eyelash safe sooner! I don’t wear false eyelashes often but when I do I never know where to put them when I take them off. It always felt so wasteful before, just putting them in my cosmetics bag where they would get ruined. Now I can re use them and easily pack them. The mirror is really nice and clear too."


"Perfect size case to travel with. It holds three pair of my favorite lashes securely. The lashes I store range from natural to full with volume and they don’t get crushed. The mirror is a nice added touch. The case closes securely providing good protection for my lashes. There’s also a secret compartment level under the lash with is really cool."

Re: EVA JANE® Eyelash Safe


"I am really new to lashes. Finally getting the hang of it. I received Eva Jane Eyeliner Glue 2-in-1. Let me tell you I have used a lot of eyelash glue and even magnetic lashes. However, let me tell you this Ms. Eva Jane precision liquid eyeliner pen and eyelash glue in one product is what I have been looking for. Make sure you shake the product before using it. First, I love there is no waiting time to become tacky. Soon as I put the liner on I attached the eyelash as instructed. It took less than a minute for both eyes to complete. There was no mess at all. I never thought I would say this about eyeliner glue however I love it. Saves time because I do not have to wait for it to become tacky. Also if I make placement of eyelash wrong I can correct it. If I did not put on enough I can just take the tip of the pin and press on it to adhere. Also, I can go over the lines a couple of times to make sure I get great adhesion. I am going to be purchasing soon and Thank You, Ms. Eva Jane."

RE: EVA JANE® Eyeliner Glue 2-in-1

About "Eva Jane"

Eva Jane Bunkley


Eva Jane Bunkley is an Atlanta-based Makeup Artist who earned Emmys for her work in news and specialty broadcast in 2001 and 2002. Eva Jane has worked almost 30 years as a beauty professional on sets for television, film, editorial, commercial, music videos, print media etc... and for 20+ years in both the local and national TV news market for with the Atlanta NBC and Fox television stations. Her anointed hands have touched many celebrity faces including President Jimmy Carter, Usher, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Jennifer Holliday, Charles S. Dutton, Cicely Tyson, Jamie Foxx and Kobe Bryant and served several years as personal makeup artist for several years as well to Creflo & Taffi Dollar and Judge Glenda Hatchett. Eva Jane considers herself a creative that doesn't limit her artistic endeavors. She is an award winning filmmaker with two first place documentary film projects to her credit through her production company "Eva-Lution Studios." Eva Jane loves to give back, frequently mentoring young artists in the business and was a recipient of the "Maqui Award for Philanthropy" by the Atlanta-based Professional Makeup Artist Conference. Eva Jane presently holds four active patents and trademarks. Her book "Innovative Beauty - Keys to an Inventor's Success" tells the story of how she created "The Makeup Bullet®" and launched it into the international marketplace. Eva Jane earned a bachelors degree from The Ohio State University and is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. She is wife to "Terence" and together they are raising with two amazing young men who will take the world by storm some day!